Our Mission & Vision

RAWW© (Real Authentic Women Wellness) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit that promotes the comprehensive wellbeing of women. Our mission is to enhance a woman’s mental, physical, sexual and spiritual health as well as encourage self-fulfillment. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is vital to achieving a higher quality of life. However, the problem with today’s definition of wellness is that it oftentimes only consists of achieving mental and physical health; inaccurately assuming that a woman can achieve that and nothing else. Even the most inclusive wellness models fail to include one of the most crucial aspect in a woman’s wellbeing, which is Sexual Health.


RAWW’s vision is to play a significant role in breaking down cultural barriers and taboos surrounding women wellness, especially within our minority communities. We strive to make uncomfortable conversations about sex and anxiety a thing of the past and move towards a more progressive and educated society where women are empowered to live a ‘real and authentic’ life. The concept is simple: to create a welcoming space for women to talk about important issues that are not typically discussed openly (such as anxiety, depression, weight, sex). We do this by convening social educational events known as RAWWTalks with the best, most dynamic experts on the topics.

Join the Movement!

RAWW is more than just a network of women. It is an identity that represents strength, resilience and passion. To be RAWW is to finally be honest with yourself; to break away from all judgements and negativity and truly listen to your needs. So ask yourself…what makes you RAWW? We want to hear from you! Share your story and hashtag #IAMRAWW #MYRAWWSTORY #RAWW #THERAWWNETWORK #WHYAREYOURAWW

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