Thoughts of Gratitude from Diana – RAWWTalks 4

Saturday came and went. It always takes me several days to fully recover and as much as I want to share about the event, I also want to disconnect, rest and recharge. Still recovering but definitely feel compelled to share some thoughts of gratitude.

On Saturday, we hosted our 4th RAWWTalks and it was utterly amazing as it always seems to be. A heartfelt thank you to Nikki Henry and Davi Efe for your courage and your willingness to share the deepest parts of your story with us. We were touched in ways we couldn’t have imagined. A million thank yous!

It’s difficult to articulate the experience. Only after I begin to receive real life testimonials am I able to find some words. All of the RAWWTalks have been a little different, primarily around subject matter. What remains the same however is the level of positive energy that is felt throughout the night, throughout our bodies, our bones, seriously. It’s funny because in the past when I was asked what our RAWWTalks were about, I tried to explain and always ended with, “you just have to experience it for yourself.” Recently, I heard others talk about our events in the same way and I of course smiled and nodded. “I don’t know, you just have to attend one for yourself,” they said. It’s a beautiful thing to know that in some form or way I’ve been part of someone else’s healing journey, however small. It’s humbling and of course fills me with so much joy and purpose.

In true RAWW spirit, I have to be completely honest with you, there is always so much that happens around these events for me, on a personal level. Hard stuff I mean, usually addressing toxic relationships and energy. I never plan this stuff, it always just happens. Now I know it’s God and the universe’s way of speaking to me. See, for those that truly know me, know that I am not a conflictive person so it takes a lot of emotional and physical energy for me to address things that make me uncomfortable. Truth be told, when I do, it is extremely liberating, regardless of how or when I do it, or whether it was “proper” or not. This is all to say that I am growing with you. With every event, I find myself becoming more aware, more poised, more strong-minded. My vision has also become clearer. What initially felt like a rough dirt road, now feels like there is a little bit of pavement. Better right! lol

I’ve also learned to protect my energy or at least that I should always try. This shit is really hard to do!! I can go from feeling like a total badass to a shriveled raisin in a matter of seconds. Friends, this is when mantras and affirmations are extremely useful and effective. You better believe it, I was talking to myself all weekend. Lol

Why do I share this with you? Essentially to show you the rawness of the human experience. Behind the RAWW vision is a women who was inadvertently taught to dismiss these experiences as mere nuances. Truth is, this is growth in real time. It’s happening like right now. Every feeling of discontent, frustration or fear is usually an indication that I’ve reached capacity in that part of my life and now I need to grow and expand to allow for more love and things that serve me well. Does that make sense? Can anyone relate here?

On behalf of the entire RAWW Team, I want to thank all of the women (and men) who join us on Saturday. Thank you to all of our resource vendors who volunteered their time to make the Wellness Session a unique and relevant experience. To our sponsors, thank you for believing in our mission. We are all taking part in bringing real and sustainable change to the mental health narrative, among so much more! Thank you.

More pics to come!


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