About Diana:

There is a common saying that goes, ‘When you come out of a storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in.’ Diana Ramirez Diaz is that woman who walked out of a personal storm as a gallant warrior on a mission: to empower women to embrace their real, authentic selves. That is the seed that was planted for what sprouted as RAWW ─ Real Authentic Women Wellness. RAWW is a nonprofit organization that moves beyond being an idea or a movement to provide a safe space where women can be unapologetically honest with themselves without feeling guilty, judged or ashamed. It is a place where women can come together, listen to one another, ask the most intimate of questions, and learn about their overall well-being. RAWW is a platform that gives voice to women’s concerns and unique life experiences that add to the notion that women should always be proud of simply being women.

The road to RAWW was not easy. As a college student, Diana suffered from severe anxiety and insomnia. Unable to find someone to turn to and struggling with the idea of seeking help due to a combination of cultural stereotypes, taboos and insecurities; she ultimately turned to the resources around her for guidance. She sought out help from the university health center and spiritual counseling through her local church. With the right tools and support, she was able to take the necessary steps to manage her anxiety and ultimately gain her life back. Nevertheless, the healing process was tough, and

Diana had doubts about her ability to achieve her goal of one day working in the public sector. After all, she had worked hard to pave a career in that direction after earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fresno State and a Masters of Urban Planning from San José State University. However, instead of a handicap, her anxiety turned out to be a blessing in disguise, leading to a turning point in her professional career. It was in that moment that she discovered her true purpose in life: empower all women, so they can embrace their most real and authentic selves.

After earning her Master’s degree and with years of community development experience under her belt, Diana returned to Fresno to bring her dream of creating RAWW to fruition. By this time, she had given birth to her beautiful twins, Alison and Oliver. Adapting to motherhood was challenging. She dealt with postpartum depression that was triggered by her inability to breastfeed, fueled by cultural and societal pressures to conform to what a “good mom” should look like. For Diana, becoming a mother was yet another way for life to show us the magnitude of strength we hold within us but seldom recognize.

With her experiences and her newfound perspective as a mother, she strives to make RAWW an all-encompassing organization that is beneficial for women in all stages of their lives. By fusing her education, career experience, personal struggles and desire to give back to her community, she has made it a goal to help women face their fears and follow their dreams – no matter how far-fetched they may seem or what obstacles may lie in their path.

Diana was recently awarded the ‘Spirit of Women Award’ from Saint Agnes Medical Center, in partnership with ABC30. The award is bestowed upon women within the community who utilize their unique gifts and abilities to make a difference in the lives of those around them. She is a wife, mother of twins, friend, founder and entrepreneur. But Diana also prides herself on being a small town Latina and daughter of farmworkers from the Central Valley’s unincorporated community of Five Points. With RAWW, she has begun to build a network that gives women the tools and support they need to achieve satisfaction in all aspects of their lives. She expects RAWW to grow from its Fresno roots and spread throughout the state and country.


What Others Have to Say:

“Diana absolutely rocked her presentation for our group of women policy advocates! I feel I’m a pretty vulnerable and transparent person, but even I was shocked at how deep she helped me go. I really came to the root of my fears in a way that has never come to me in the past. It was incredibly POWERFUL. Diana creates such a safe, welcoming space for all of us to reflect deeply and turn that vulnerability and fear into our power. Diana is fun, energetic, and RAWW! Book her ASAP!” – Nikki Henry, Ladies Leading Ladies 


“I felt like I reconnected with a long lost friend when I first met Diana for coffee to discuss the event she was planning in the summer of 2017. The conversation went beyond the event planning, and it turned into a deep conversation. Diana genuinely created a safe space for me to be my authentic self and share my worries, fears, accomplishments, etc. It was in that moment that my belief grew about our soul recognizing when you find treasure here on earth. I found treasure when I met Diana, and when I opened it, it shined so bright. I’m honored to say that this treasure I found is now a great friend of mine and I look forward to working with her in the future.” – Rocio Gonzalez, Viva Balance