Denise is the Executive Director at the Family Healing Center, a Center that provides critical services to women and children who are victims/survivors of sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, and victims who witness abuse. She currently manages and oversees a staff of 8 employees and has a strong passion for serving our community and helping all the families that come through the Center. Through her leadership, Family Healing Center has become a Child Advocacy Center in Fresno County. In addition to Family Healing center, Denise is a member of the Fresno Latino Rotary and the League of Mexican American Women. She enjoys working to further reach our community with other agencies involved in the Central Valley. Denise was born in Orange County and was raised in Fresno. She is a mother of 5 children and wife of 22 years and has dedicated her life to my family. Denise proudly attends Celebration Church strongly believes that without God, she cannot do the work that she does.