Elizabeth Fraire is very much passionate about RAWW as the Executive Director Diana Ramirez. Diana and Elizabeth met when they were 18 years old during their first semester at CSU Fresno. They each took very different paths but still faced similar issues, specifically women issues. They reconnected in 2014, and are working tirelessly to keep RAWW growing. Elizabeth currently works for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency responsible for investigating discrimination claims in the workplace. She also serves her country by being part of the California Air National Guard. She has traveled to many states and has deployed overseas. Elizabeth also is dedicated to her serving her community and volunteers for various non-profits throughout the Central Valley. She is a fearless leader and enjoys connecting with people. You might catch Elizabeth participating in puppy yoga for the Bully Rescue, a non-profit no-kill rescue and shelter dedicated to rescuing bully breed dogs, supporting local coffee cafes, or hosting brunches. She enjoys being hands-on with community projects and supporting local initiatives. Her ultimate vision is have a Congress that reflects the diversity of our country. She hopes to see two women presidents in her lifetime.