Laura is a first generation Mexican-American woman, born and raised in the central valley to hard working, career driven, go-getter parents. She has been truly blessed and cursed to have the amazing role models. When she says cursed, she doesn’t mean it in a negative manner. She uses the term cursed because she never settles, she always push and strive to be better, to excel in her personal and professional life. Since the age of 18, Laura went straight into the workforce. She was very fortunate to be trained by the best in the business and thanks to her I know how to run a business and make it profit which has opened endless possibilities for me. Laura am now in charge of running a startup distribution company based out of Fresno, CA. She doesn’t believe in limiting herself, she always goes the extra mile. Helping people is Laura’s passion so she decided to work with a company part-time to be able to help families financially. She has her life insurance license and in the process of getting her investment and real estate license. This will ultimately allow her to better assist middle income America.