The concept is simple: to create a welcoming space for women to talk about important issues that are not typically discussed openly (such as anxiety, depression, weight, and sex). RAWWTalks is a women-centric series of events that combines the social educational aspects. This is in essence the primary platform where women can come together to openly and comfortably talk about both issues that have always affected them as well as issues that are prevalent in current times. Provocative topics, such as those related to a woman’s mental and sexual health, tend to be only discussed within a doctor’s office, and while RAWW 100% supports and encourages these traditional methods, RAWWTalks is a way for women to become aware and gain knowledge while being in a more social and therefore less intimidating environment.

Truth is, although women have lots of questions,many choose not to seek answers due to feelings of shame and embarrassment. This inability to freely exercise curiosity limits women from reaching their full wellness potential. Here at RAWW, we believe that women have the right to achieve satisfaction in all capacities.

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