I honestly thought I knew what to expect since this was my second RAWWTalks event. I hadn’t realized not only was the event beyond expectation, the person who walked into the event…myself…had already been changed from my prior engagements by RAWW,  their events, and our RAWWTribe. I walked in a bit more aware of myself and was able to soak in this event far more then the old me would have been willing to. From the speakers, to the brave women standing up and sharing their experiences…asking those difficult questions…it really moved me. It began to change me once again…and that is what RAWW does…it helps us evolve, become more self aware….and slowly but surely I see myself becoming comfortable in my own skin…as I find that “Me” I’ve been looking for. – Maggie

I loved everything about RAWW! I was inspired .. and felt loved and welcomed by all .. wonderful experience ♡ – Rebecca

Insight on health!!! We need to be educated on how to change that cycle of ugly eating habits. – Tania

Attending my first RAWWTalks I didn’t know what to expect but knew it was going to provide a sense of greatness…RAWWTalks spoke to my heart and shouted within my soul this is where I needed to be, at this place, with my people, empowering women in our community. – Roxanne

As a woman, feminist and foreigner, I always try to connect with other women virtually through the social media. It was a surprise to me to find out that there is this movement so near to me here in Fresno. I enjoyed each moment, it is beautiful to see how big we can be when we are together. I could see myself in many words and testimonials, it gave me strength to pursue my dreams and projects. It was inspirational! Thank you for all your hard work to make this happen! – Ana Carla

We both loved everything about RAWW. We love what it stands for and their mission. We left feeling inspired. – Martha

I was very pleased with the event. Done with so much class. It was enjoyable as well as informative. I look forward to attending RAWW events in the future. – Victoria

Arielle just blew my mind on how to be a woman and know its ok to not be ok.- Denise

We laughed, we cried…we grew! – Graciela

Forever changed, forever grateful, I am RAWW – Janece

It makes my heart so happy that my daughter was able to be part of something so special – Vivian