Melissa Fritchle, Licensed Sex, Marriage and Family Therapist, RAWW Speaker

I have worked with many organizations now, large and small, and working with Diana Diaz and her RAWW team was the most positive experience I have had. They were efficient, clear communicators, and very attentive to me as a speaker. I was very impressed with the marketing for this event and felt well represented by RAWW.

The RAWW launch event in Fresno was beautifully executed. The sold-out audience was excited and clearly open to the event themes of women being honest about edgy topics and supporting one another to live full, authentic lives. Many women came in groups of friends for a fun night out. Participants engaged with me as a speaker and also bought my books at the event.

I think RAWW has great potential to grow nationwide. This approach to bringing women together to talk and share on diverse topics is powerful and can meet the needs of any community. Having holistic health practitioners on hand made it a fun night out for the women who attended and created a space of self-care that is so needed for busy working professional women. I hope to continue to participate and am proud to be affiliated as a RAWW Speaker.

Maggie Garza

I’ve been looking for something but I didn’t know what. Hours can get lost being a mom, a partner, a full-time career woman in the business world. It’s easy to forget you are a person, let alone a woman. I had no idea what I was looking for and to be honest I had no idea I was looking…until I walked into RAWW talks.

An interesting Facebook interview of Founder and Executive Director of RAWW, Diana Diaz, perked my curiosity that led me there that evening on July 7th.

It was a room full of women from a variety of backgrounds coming together to speak about the issues that we have all experienced to some degree or another but haven’t found a platform where we can freely discuss. You see, I pride myself as a feminist, an avid reader of those who led the way and a true believer in lifting my fellow sisters up; however, I had yet to find a network where I could do so. Similar to having a religion but no church for fellowship. RAWW was a night of fellowship.  A fellowship of women coming together to speak about the taboos of depression and to touch on those sex questions that no matter how old you are you can’t help but giggle about.

A night sponsored and catered by businesses founded and ran by women such as myself. All women who are slowly watching their own dreams manifest with the help from women in our community. There was massages, skin care, make-up, jewelry, food and wine to sample. It was an honor to see how each business came together that night.

I was blown away by the guest speaker Cynthia Moreno, who allowed us to glimpse into her history of pain, so that we could see that many of whom with similar struggles are not alone. Author and therapist Melissa Fritchle led us through the usually skirmish topic of sex with such an ease and humor that many were left comfortable to ask those heavy questions. Fresno needed this in our community. I needed this.

Thank you RAWW for giving women a beautiful platform to come together and grow. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for RAWW Talks.

Christina A. Roup, Executive Director of NAMI Fresno

I am truly grateful for the effort, and action taken by RAWW to bring this event to our community. It was refreshing to not only see so many in attendance, but to also see so many women eager to listen, share and break the stigma of so many sensitive topics. I am grateful for the personal stories we heard. The biggest take away was that I am not alone. I am not alone in my experiences or in my desire to learn more from others. Thank you to Diana and the RAWW team for bringing us together. I look forward to many more RAWWtalks in the future, as we all work to improve our whole selves.